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Monthly Archives: October 2017

You’re Not Growing Because Of What You Believe To Be True

You’re Not Growing Because of what you believe to be true Everyone either has limits that they have not gotten too or they simply limit themselves! Your thinking and attitudes will limit what you do and how far you get! How you feel about hiring employees. Do you see employees as a liability or an […]

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Website Speed Is One Of The Most Important Ranking Factors For SEO

Website Speed Is one of the Most Important Ranking Factors If your website cant load in 2 seconds or less your web designer is not a web developer. Top 5 web Page Speed Deterrents Images not being optimized Inline CSS Scripts Not Minified HTML Not Minified JScripts Not Minified NO CDN Content Delivery Network No […]

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No PPE and the PPE Police

No PPE and the PPE Police You see a tech making a pesticide application in short sleeves and shorts and you say how can he legally do that. If you carry products that require PPE like long sleeve shirt you may carry it in the vehicle and wear it when required Most Rockwell Lab Products […]

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Nacrophoric Behavior of Insects and How Termidor Works

Nacrophoric Behavior of Insects and How Termidor Works Necrophoric behavior of the Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Mayr) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), and its implications for horizontal transfer of slow-acting insecticides 05“demonstrated that necrophoresis was an important behavior facilitating the horizontal transfer of fipronil.” Horizontal Transfer of Insecticides in Laboratory Colonies of the Argentine Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) […]

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The Repellency Myth Are Pyrethroids Really Repellant?

The Repellency Myth Are Pyrethroids Really Repellant? For years we have been hearing from manufacturers and studies that pyrethroids are repellent yet where are the studies to prove it. I even talked about it in a previous podcast on repellency. I have spoken to many manufactures reps tell me that pyrethroids by nature are repellents and […]

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