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Hiring Green Vs Hiring Experienced Technitians

Hiring Experienced Technicians

Hiring Green Vs Hiring Experienced Technicians Working for the wrong company can limit your career options.

Hiring techs with experienced technicians can seem to be the easy button especially for technicians turned solo-preneurs with no previous management or human resource experience.

But it’s a mixed bag experience can come with

Bad Habits
Superiority Complexes

Management by Abdication vs Delegation I don’t have time to train I’m growing too fast I need people I can put in a truck and go.

Suffering from (CFS) Control Freak Syndrome I have to find someone I can train to do all I do the same way I do it.

Either way, you have to dump your knowledge on paper and develop however simple a program in writing. When a tech sees a program on paper their attitudes about training or retraining will become apparent.

Here are some tips for hiring.

Have a discovery days offer to buy them lunch for 3 days see if they like the work or they are just interested in a paycheck.

Hire attitude, character, good habits these are things you cant teach.

Look for attitude and body language. It says more than a resume!

How do they feel about self-education? Ask what was the last great book they read, what they listen to in the car if the answer is only music well you may not have a person that invests in themselves.

Hire people with previous customer service experience.

If you find one or two good candidates pay for a DISC Personality Test.

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