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Marketing Makes The Phone Ring Sales Makes The Cash Register Ring

Marketing Makes The Phone Ring Sales Makes The Cash Register Ring

Marketing Makes The Phone Ring Sales Makes The Cash Register Ring
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Marketing Makes The Phone Ring Sales Makes The Cash Register Ring

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.“
(Approved July 2013)

Marketing Terms
Advertising is the placement of adds.
Publicity is mention in the media.
Public relations is what is the public image.
Branding is the image your company has in the mind of the customer.

In 85% of pest control companies you are the brand.
Here is the problem in Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Sales you are all 4.

Hang ups in Marketing
I don’t want to be like the other companies.
I compete on quality.
I use quality products.
Duh, no one advertizes lousy service.

What is your USP Unique Selling Proposition, what makes you different than the other?

In your market How do you stand out in a crowded market place.

I don’t want to:
Advertizing Prices
Initial Specials
Waiving Initial
Want Contracts
Call to action
I don’t want to use a four letter word Free
I don’t want to offer any guarantees

What you want is a homogoginized pasteurized steril as surgical room and more honest than jesus message that converts so you are never in an uncomfortable position you want it safe.

You have a hard time advertizing something that you have to explain and feel like you are being deceptive, bait and switch. You have a problem doing it but you have no problem taking advantage of it.

No woman has ever tuned down a 50% off sale at Macy’s
When cell phone, satellite, alarm companies all gave away the equipment for a 2 year agreement many of you signed up.

When the carpet cleaning company offers 3 rooms for $99 or AC duct cleaning for $99.

When the local dealer puts sign and drive deal their you go.

People are people everyone likes offers, deals, discounts. No one likes paying full price if not everything we buy would not say made in china.

I and a local small business owner and everyone buys from me.

That was true until they built a Walmart 15 miles away, Home Depot came to town, Office Max.

To some of you this doesn’t matter I have a solid customer base my customers won’t leave me.

I’m a one man operation and I will die a one man operation.

For those that want to grow you will have to learn to be a marketer, being the best tech in town is not going to cut it.

If you plan to grow from 100,000 solo operation to 6 route 1 million dollar a year business you have a lot of mind changing coming your way.

From seeing employees as a problem to seeing them as a solution.

A business is a machine that must be feed to grow.

From no contracts to service agreement.

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