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German Roach Control Commercial Food Service Accounts

German Roach Control Commercial Food Service Accounts

German Roach Control Commercial Food Service Accounts

Controlling German roaches in food service in restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, lunch rooms, gas stations can prove to be more challenging than it seems especially to a GHP Technician.

By Special Request From Brad Gamble

Inspection is the NUMBER #1 thing.

Sanitation is #2

Exclusion #3

Monitoring is #4

Without these 4, chemical as a control method is an illusion.

What am I inspecting for I already know what I’m looking for?

I’m inspecting for how they got in.

I have been in the food service business in one or another for several years as a manager, distributor, supplier I’ve seen more things in food service than I care to remember.

I’m looking at who are the suppliers and what chain of custody they have. I have restaurants say they have had milk cartons with roaches coming out of them when they picked it up at the suppliers.

I’m looking at what type of structure this is who are the other tenants in the building.

Is it in a strip mall or a standalone building?

How many feet from the dumpster is it more than 25 or 5?

Is it dry or is their standing water overnight.

I want to id every condition that is conducive to breeding roaches and have a discussion with the owner or manager and see what the attitude is are they willing to modify and work to fix it or are they expecting a chemical to solve the problem.

Is their clutter in every corner or is stuff a foot off the floor.

Label Requirements:

For food service areas Is must since most products have a label restriction of crack and crevice or spot in areas where food is stored, prepared, or served.

Monitor some hate them some love them.

Monitors are difficult sometimes to maintain in a busy wet environment.

You can’t develop a treatment and service protocol unless you have assessed the difficulty and dynamics of service.

Restaurant Pest Control Equipment

  • Vacuum
  • Air Compressor
  • Crack and Crevice Devices like an AccuSpray or Airofog
  • Monitors

Restaurant Pest Control Products

  • Roach Gel Baits
  • Liquids
  • IGRs
  • Monitors
  • Borates
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