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Pre Paid Pest Control Service Does It Make Sense For You

Pre Paid Pest Control Service Does It Make Sense For You.

With customers becoming increasingly busy and the cost of performing billing and collection taking a chunk of your profits more companies and customers are choosing to prepay for services, why not prepaid pest control?
Pre Paid Pest Control Service Does It Make Sense For You.

We prepay for web hosting, insurance and a host of other services.

When it comes down to it’s a matter of trust on behalf of the customer.

It has to be part of your USP. Think like a marketer.

It’s also a matter of your ability to manage and performs.

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Now Let’s discuss the pros and cons of prepaid pest control.

I like the monthly cash flow.

After a couple of months I feel I’m working for free.

Reduced cost by not having to create invoice, stamps, paper, envelope, check processing costs. It can cost up to $5 per transaction or more. Pass the savings on to the client.

Accounts receivable exposure.

Have an escrow account.

Customers may abuse by thinking they are entitled to a free service whenever they want it.

The fear of renewals

Hate to give discounts. 5% to 10%.

Card on file vs annual every time you run that card without a swipe you incurred a much higher rate and a per transaction fee.

Fear of non renewals because they might not want to stay

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