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RRAC IRAC HRAC WT FRAC Resistance Action Committees

Everyone Likes A Nice RRAC IRAC HRAC WT FRAC Resistance Action Committees

Resistance Action Committees
Michael Benton knockout pest & Termite
Michael Young Pest Pro Exterminators
April Newby Tennessee Valley Pest Control
Pest/Grounds@CiMEX_uk Durham, England
Lavery Pest Control @LaverySonsPest Connecticut

Tech Tip
Climb Ups VS Lights Out which bed bug monitor is better.
Study suggest that bed bugs may preferre black
Behavioral Responses of Nymph and Adult Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) to Colored Harborages
climbup interceptor
Lights out

How Zika Virus and Other Pathogens are Researched.
Based on new federal documents By Johanna Elsensohn.

Great links to good science on this article

ICUP 2017 International Conference on Urban Pests (ICUP) in Birmingham UK starts on – 9-12 July 2017

Bug Out in Jacksonville, Fla. merged with All Safe Termite & Pest Control, out of Ocala, Fla.
Arrow Environmental Services buys E-Rad Pest Control in Lake Wales and A Plus Pest & Termite Control out of Sarasota.
State Pest Clinton, N.C. acquired Coastal Exterminating Co., Rose Hill, N.C., and Cooper Pest Control, Raleigh, N.C. Terms

Resistance Action Committees

Rodenticide Resistance Action Committee

Chairman: Stefan Endepols, Bayer CropScience
Second Chairman: Alan Buckle, Syngenta
Treasurer & Secretary: Andy Brigham, Rentokil
2016 second issue of RRAC Guidelines on Anticoagulant Rodenticide Resistance Management

1-Bromadiolone – Hydroxycoumarin single feed anticoagulant
Maki –Liphatech
J.T. Eaton Bait Block, Nectus
Bell Labs Contrac
2-Difethialone – Hydroxycoumarin single feed anticoagulant
Blue Max, Generation, FirstStrike-Liphatech
J.T. Eaton Bait Block® Apple
3-Diphacinone First Generation Indandione multiple fee Anticoagulant
Bell Labs Ditrac, LIQUA-TOX II, PCQ Pro
4-Bromethalin- diphenylamine single feed Neurotoxin
Take Down, Resolve –Liphatech
FASTRAC – Bell Labs
5-Brodifacoum Hydroxycoumarin single feed anticoagulant
FINAL-Bell Labs
FORMUS – Bell Labs focus on mice smaller 15 grams
5-Vitamin D3
TERAD3 BLOX – Bell Labs

Bell Labs Final Detex Contrac has Lumitrack causes rodent droppings to brightly glow under UV or black light.

Soft Baits withstand dont freeze, melt or mold. Both Liphatech and Bell has them.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee

4 Modes Of Action For The Best Pesticide Spray Rotation Program
Rotating Chemicals Correctly By The Class Mode of Action

Fungicide Resistance Action Committee
16 Modes of Action

Herbicide Resistance Action Committee
Weed Science Society of America WSSA

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