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Top 10 Things about Rodents With James Rodriguez of JT Eaton

Top 10 Things about Rodents With James Rodriguez of JT Eaton

Top 10 Things about Rodents With James Rodriguez of JT Eaton
Joe Gavorek

Massey Services @MasseyServices

Cool Tools
Ratwall is a stainless steel unit that fits securely within any clay or pvc pipe manhole chamber outlet or inlet and stops rodents from entering a property.

Book Recommended by James
Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss

Bug Out Service and All Safe Termite & Pest Control merge to adds $500,000 in annual revenues. Servivng the Ocala area.

Our Guest James Rodriguez, ACE
Technical Director
JT Eaton Co., Inc 1393 East Highland Road, Twinsburg, OH 44087
Contact phone number: (330) 840-8606
Technical Director for JT Eaton: Offering opinions and recommendations on rodent and insect control, as requested, to public and private entities; in-house training of employees and sales teams; continuing education provider to Pest Management Professionals; evaluation of new and existing products for JT Eaton; Liaison for Social Marketing and Networking

National Marketing Manager: Marketing and distribution of pest control products produced by JT Eaton in the US for the professional division. Territory Manager of the Western US for professional distributors

Current State Licenses:
California Structural Pest Control Operator
California Structural Termite Control Operator
California Structural Fumigation Operator
California Department of Pesticide Regulation Industrial Pest Control
California Department of Pesticide Regulation Right of Way Pest Con.
Certification: Entomological Society of America, Associate Certified Entomologist

Additional Programs and Training:
Hazardous material coordinator, duties included: shipping, receiving, transportation, usage, safety and storage of hazardous material
Manage OSHA, State and Standard Industry Practices, Worker Health and Safety Programs
Emergency First Responder for accidental release of pesticides or fumigants
Held and managed employees’ Commercial Driver licenses, training and California Highway Patrol vehicle inspection program (BIT Program)
Managed Respiratory Protection Program, Heat and Illness Preventions Program

Professional Associations: Pest Control Operators of CA; Affiliate Member: Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada State Associations; PI CHI OMEGA- A Professional Fraternity Devoted to the Advancement of Structural Pest Control; Entomological Society of America; Executive Board Member of Pesticide Applicators Professional Association (PAPA)

Top 10 Things about Rodents With James Rodriguez of JT Eaton
1.The Emotional aspect of Rodent Control and building trust
2.Where to start your inspection; focusing on residential customers
3.Common Mistakes made during inspections
4.Setting expectations with your customers
5.Rat and mouse traps; placement, trap types, issues with trapping and the human factor
6.Tiered level of IPM; reducing how much bait is being put out
7.Bait station placement and what the label says
8.Why Changing out your rodent baits is good
9.Upselling for peace of mind
10.You’re done, now What?; how to leave a job to prevent false call-backs

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