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4 Modes Of Action For The Best Pesticide Spray Rotation Program

4 Modes Of Action For The Best Pesticide Spray Rotation Program

Rotating brands is not proper rotation unless you are rotating the mode of action here are 4 Modes Of Action For The Best Pesticide Spray Rotation Program.
PGP-83 4 Modes Of Action For The Best Pesticide Spray Rotation Program
Beau Morley

FREE: The Future of a Radical Price By: Chris Anderson

Products from UK we don’t have here.
Racumin is an anticoagulant contact rodenticide foam for indoor use against rats and house mice.
Signal word: Danger
Flammable: butane
Coumatetralyl 0,4 %

Parasitec The French pest management event was held in Paris November 16 to 18. It attracted some 3,000 attendees, it one of the busiest such events ever held in the city. the Paris Event Center, near Porte de La Villette.

Thursday January 12- Saturday, January 14, 2017
Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, a Walt Disney World Resort
Full event $400 Education only Friday and Saturday $150

Amazing Facts:
Deliberate self-poisoning with insecticides is a very common issue globally and accounts for 300,000 deaths in a year.
The global distribution of fatal pesticide self-poisoning: Systematic review

Main Topic

4 Modes Of Action For The Best Pesticide Spray Rotation Program

Rotating Chemicals Correctly by Mode of Action

Rotating Chemicals Correctly By The Class Mode of Action

The insecticides in these categories are Neurotoxins

Class 2 Gaba-Gated Chloride Channel Blockers Bphenylpyrazoles (Fiproles)
Fipronil blocks the (g-aminobutyric acid- (GABA) regulated chloride channel in neurons, thus antagonizing the “calming” effects of GABA, similar to the action of the Cyclodienes Blockage of the GABA-gated chloride channel reduces neuronal inhibition, which leads to hyperexcitation of the central nervous system, convulsions, and death.

Class 3 Sodium Channel Modulators Apyrethroids, Pyrethrins
Acrinathrin, Allethrin, Bifenthrin, Bioallethrin, Bioallethrin S-Cyclopentenyl, Bioresmethrin, Cycloprothrin, Cyfluthrin, Cyhalothrin, Cypermethrin, Cyphenothrin [(1r)-Trans- Isomers], Deltamethrin, Empenthrin [(Ez)- (1r)- Isomers], Esfenvalerate, Etofenprox, Fenpropathrin, Fenvalerate, Flucythrinate, Flumethrin, Halfenprox, Kadathrin, Permethrin, Phenothrin [(1r)-Trans- Isomer], Prallethrin, Pyrethrins (Pyrethrum), Resmethrin, Silafluofen, Tefluthrin, Tetramethrin, Tetramethrin [(1r)- Isomers], Tralomethrin, Transfluthrin, Alpha-Cypermethrin, Beta-Cyfluthrin, Beta-Cypermethrin, D-Cis-Trans Allethrin, D-Trans Allethrin, Gamma-Cyhalothrin, Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Tau-Fluvalinate, Theta-Cypermethrin, Zeta-Cypermethrin

Pyrethroids are divided into 2 groups according to their chemical structures:
Type I pyrethroids do not have the cyano moiety at the α-position permethrin,
Type I pyrethroids cause a type I poisoning syndrome or “Tsyndrome”.
Active ingredients: bifenthrin, permethrin, d-phenothrin
Products Talstar, Bifen IT, Permethrin SFR, Tengard SFR, Dragnet SFR, Steri-Fab

Type II pyrethroids have an α-cyano moiety cypermethrin.
Type II choreoathetosis syndrome, known as “CS syndrome”.

Active ingredient: cypermethrin, cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, fenvalerate, lambda-cyhalothrin.
Products: Demon, Cyper, Cy-kick CS, Tempo, Suspend, Demand CS.
Type II cyano group has an enhances insecticidal activity and molecular stability ensuring effectiveness.

Zenprox and Permathrin to get a type I&II

Residual and persistence

Class 4 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (Nachr) Competitive Modulators Neonicotinoids
Acetamiprid Transport
Alpin Dinotefuran Spot and CC 2×2 foot areas no more then 20% of the surface area
Dominion 2L Imidacloprid
Thiamethoxam Optigard FLEX

They act by binding to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) in the insect nervous system and induce paralysis

Class 22 Voltage-Dependent Sodium Channel Blockers
Indoxacarb Arilon Indoor Spot CC outdoor e 3 ft up the exterior wall and 7 ft out.

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    I do love your podcast but I do have some constructive criticism. I know you have lost me a few times on your casts due to separating from the title or focus of your discussion. I’m military and also a pest control tech and I try to follow you to learn things I don’t know. With that being said I am having a hard time with finding a title that I’m interested in and then listening for a bit of time without getting to the point. I prefer to get to the point a bit sooner. I don’t want to lose interest that’s why I want to let you know my opinion. I don’t mean to offend by any means. I still love everything you talk about, just my opinion. Thanks for everything you do.

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